Social Entrepreneurship

  • TUSEV Launched the Second Phase of the Social Entrepreneurship Project

    TUSEV launched the second phase of the “Social Entrepreneurship Project” with cooperation and support of the British Council. The second phase will mainly include awareness raising, information sharing, networking and infrastructure development activities. While a bi-weekly Turkish e-newsletter has been launched, TUSEV organizes also bimonthly meetings to facilitate communication and information exchange between interested stakeholders as well as promoting partnerships among them. A meeting on social innovation was held on April 22, 2011 with participation of Milena Stoycheva, the CEO of Junior Achievement, and Matteo Bonifacio the former Policy Adviser at the Bureau of European Policy. On June 22, the meeting series continued with a panel on internet entrepreneurship. Arzum Meleksoy, the founder of Alıs Bagıs (, Ali Kobanbay and İlkay Gültaş, co-founders of Ekle Destekle ( presented their initiatives with reference to the relationship between internet entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Please subscribe to website if you would like to receive updates on social entrepreneurship in Turkish.

  • Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey Project Second Phase

    The first phase of the “Social Entrepreneurship Project” which was launched by the British Council was successfully completed. With the completion of the first phase goals like analyzing the opportunities and threats of the Turkish social entrepreneurship model, raising awareness and establishing a social entrepreneurship portal acting as an information and experience sharing tool were realized. Results of these activities showed the need to strengthen the legal and fiscal infrastructure related to the social enterprises as well as the benefits of continuing the promotion of the social enterprise model in Turkey.
    In cooperation and support of British Council the second phase of the “Social Entrepreneurship Project” was implemented for 2011. Activities of the second phase focused on awareness raising, information sharing, enlarging the network of social entrepreneurs and strengthening the legal and fiscal infrastructure for social enterprises. To see the activities...

  • Social Enterprises in Turkey: New Web Portal and Report Launched!

    Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey Project was conducted in cooperation with British Council and aimed to identify strengths and weaknesses of social enterprises in Turkey, while raising awareness on this new model with high social and economic benefits. Over 200 stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, private and public sector representatives and civil society organizations were consulted through a series of meetings, seminars and field visits.
    The project had two major outputs: the “Social Enterprises and Turkey” report offers a detailed needs assessment and identifies future actions to strengthen social enterprises in Turkey, while the Social Enterprise Web Portal acts as a communication platform for all that want to learn, support or establish social enterprises. Both are available through in Turkish.

    Project outcomes show that social enterprise is a model with great promise and potential for Turkey. It gives civil society organizations and companies an opportunity to harmonize their social perspectives with commercial entrepreneurship and management principles. It is encouraging to see that there already are organizations that successfully operate along social entrepreneurship lines in Turkey.

  • Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey Project
    The Project was launched by British Council and TUSEV to to create partnerships between the UK and Turkey in the social entrepreneurship area. Being a regional British Council program, similar initiatives are also taking place in Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia and Croatia.

    “Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey Project” provides a platform for CSOs and individual entrepreneurs with a social mission to make a difference in their environments and contribute to positive social change through enterprise, innovation and creativity.