• Seminar on Effective Giving and Inspiring Giving Stories

    TUSEV, in partnership with Yapı Kredi Private Banking, organized a seminar on “Effective Giving and Inspiring Giving Stories” on June 18th in Istanbul. Seminar speakers were Dame Stephanie Shirley, the founder of Shirley Foundation and the Founding Ambassador of the Ambassodors of Philanthropy, and Haldun Taşman, the founder of Turkish Philanthropy Funds and Bolu Community Foundation. Philanthropy consultant Roberta d’ d'Eustachio moderated the seminar aiming to inspire Turkish donors not only to give more but also to give strategically. Haldun Taşman emphasized the role of philanthropy as way to create wealth in society while Dame Stephanie Shirley underlined the importance of sharing with others unique stories of putting money to good use. The seminar was organized under the framework of TUSEV's Philanthropy Infrastructure Development Project.

  • PhilanthropyPosts Article - Giving in Turkey

    PhilanthropyPosts published TUSEV’s article about giving in Turkey. The article provides an overview of giving and status of philanthropy in the country, presenting most recent data along with interesting facts about traditions and motives for giving.

    "The size of philanthropy and social investment in Turkey are growing. Although philanthropy in Turkey is on the increase, the institutional form of giving is still low, reflecting a gap in knowledge about how to give effectively and a consequent lack of sophistication in mechanisms for giving. Individual giving is deeply rooted in the cultural and religious fabric of Turkey, yet it is these traditions that make Turkish people more likely to give directly to family and neighbors than through more organized efforts to civil society organizations (CSOs)..."


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  • TUSEV Research Publication on Philanthropy in Turkey
    TUSEV launched the Turkish publication of Philanthropy in Turkey: Citizens, Foundations and the Pursuit of Social Justice. The publication is a compedium of four comprehensive studies revealing key insights on the history of foundations in the Ottoman Era, foundation operations and challenges in modern Turkey, and individual giving and philanthropy. This includes findings regarding the role of religion and practice of philanthropy in a predominantly Muslim society and the extent to which philanthropy in Turkey espouses a social justice perspective. The English publications are now available here...