• 10 Predictions for Turkish Philanthropy in 2012

    How Turkish philanthropy will take shape in the New Year? What should foundations expect and what should donors be ready for? What changes are foreseen on the horizon? The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) has drafted some predictions about the way the Turkish Philanthropy may evolve in 2012. 1. Turkey, as one of the countries shown among the fastest growing economies of the world, together with China, India, Brazil, Russia, South Korea and Indonesia, will use the advantage of last decade’s private wealth accumulation in favor of philanthropy development. Global financial recession and inequalities in wealth distribution will require donors and foundations to channel their support towards poverty elimination and address the root causes of social problems.

  • TUSEV Launched Philanthropy Infrastructure Development Project

    TUSEV launched a project on development of philanthropy infrastructure in Turkey with financial contributions from C.S Mott Foundation and Turkish Philanthropy Funds. The aim of the project is to encourage organized philanthropy and culture of giving for social good and support the infrastructure for philanthropy in Turkey.

    The Project has four activity-components, including a research on giving practices and trends (1), awareness raising on grantmaking (2), creating tools and resources for organizations who will be interested in developing programs (3), and advocating for better legal and fiscal frameworks (4). Under these components, TUSEV is creating advocacy tools and practical information sources on giving to help manage the flow of resources to CSOs from private individuals and institutions both at local and national levels. TUSEV is also working for promoting understanding and gaining acceptance of the community foundation concept.

  • TUSEV Publication: The Landscape of Philanthropy and Civil Society in Turkey: Key Findings, Reflections and Recommendations

    This publication extracts findings from two comprehensive studies and examines the themes of individual participation and civil society organizations from a multitude of perspectives in an attempt to identify key challenges and opportunities for promoting social change and development in Turkey. The publication draws on the key findings of Philanthropy in Turkey: Citizens, Foundations and the Pursuit of Social Justice and Civil Society in Turkey: An Era of Transition (Civil Society Index Turkey Country Report) and is available online.

  • Alliance Magazine Article - New Philanthropists in Turkey: More Than a Matter of Style

    Alliance magazine, dedicated to news and analysis of the latest developments in philanthropy and social investment worldwide, focused on philanthrocapitalism in their March 2007 issue. The issue also included an article by TUSEV's ex-Executive Director, Filiz Bikmen on  "New Philanthropists in Turkey". The article is available online.

  • "Venture Philantrophy" discussed in Turkey for the first time

    The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TÜSEV), the Anadolu Foundation, and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), hosted the first ever workshop on ‘Venture Philanthropy’ in Turkey. The keynote speakers, Mr.Roelof Prins, the director of the Stichting De Verre Bergen Foundation, and Ms. Nina Hoas, the director of UBS Philanthropy Services, shared their experiences in VP. After having learned how EVPA works in Europe, the panelists, Ms Sevda Kılıçalp from TUSEV and Mr. Selim Güven from Anadolu Foundation discussed the chances and challenges of Venture Philantrophy in Turkey, assisted by Mr. Kurt Peleman, the CEO of EVPA.