Second Phase of The Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey Project

Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey project continues its second phase with financial support of C. S. Mott Foundation and Aydın Doğan Foundation. The first giving circle event is planned in April in collaboration with the Funding Network. TUSEV is also collaborating with Bolder Giving, Catalyst, Bulgarian Donors’ Forum and ARC to form a regional web site and collection of inspiring donor stories from Turkey and the Balkans. As part of its mission to strengthen individual philanthropy, TUSEV will organize the establishment of a donors’ forum in Turkey where individuals can share experiences, ideas and good practices, hear from experts in the field and their peers in other countries. In the second phase foundations will have the opportunity to receive strategic planning support for their grant programs, and companies will share experiences with their peers to improve corporate social responsibility programs. TUSEV is also planning capacity enhancing programs for the professionals in the philanthropy field.