Piloting Giving Circle in Istanbul

TUSEV Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey Project has formed a working group to facilitate the adaptation and implementation of the Giving Circle model in Turkey. The Funding Network has provided its expertise and guidance to the working group during the planning process of the first pilot event in May, 2014 in Istanbul. Here is a summary of the projects that will present at the event:
Organization name: Social Awareness and Anti-Violence Association (Duy-Der)
Project name: Mine and war debris awareness training for children

The project will serve approximately 10.000 students between the age of 7 and 15 and their teachers who reside in Dersim (Tunceli) and Eastern Turkey where approximately 10,500 mines are still set in land. Turkey has agreed the Ottawa Agreement to clear the mines by March 1, 2014 but had only cleaned a small portion of it. The un-cleared mines still pose a danger for children. The project will implement a training program to teach children what they need to do when they find a mine or other war debris.
Organization name: Architecture for All, 
Project name: Dormant Village School Buildings Project

The Association, Architecture for All, has been formed with a group of volunteer architecture professionals and students. The project works in small villages and aims to re-evaluate dormant school buildings with locals and design projects to re-implement them into educational facilities of different capacities. The projects are designed with local participation observing local architecture techniques and implemented with local in-kind and monetary donations. 
Organization name: Mus Women’s Association, Women’s TeaHouse Project
Project name: Mus is a city located in Eastern Turkey and has a male dominant culture.

The Association has created a project recognizing the need for women to have a place to gather and be comfortable. The women’s teahouse project will provide this space which will also enable women to see their handicrafts and attend education seminars, film screenings and book discussions. 
Organization name: Blackbox Association
Project name: Memory Walk Project

Blackbox Association is a new establishment but has been formed by young professionals who has extensive education in civil society and youth. The project will have youth volunteers who will work with academics, historians and journalists to document information about places in Istanbul that witnessed human rights abuses. Following the research they will create a walking tour and invite their peers and anyone who is interested. The aim of the project is to both help young people develop critical thinking and to also ensure that these locations and events can be remembered and questioned.