• Piloting Giving Circle in Istanbul

    TUSEV Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey Project has formed a working group to facilitate the adaptation and implementation of the Giving Circle model in Turkey. The Funding Network has provided its expertise and guidance to the working group during the planning process of the first pilot event in May, 2014 in Istanbul.


    Here is a summary of the projects that will present at the event:

    Organization name: Social Awareness and Anti-Violence Association (Duy-Der)
    Project name: Mine and war debris awareness training for children

    The project will serve approximately 10.000 students between the age of 7 and 15 and their teachers who reside in Dersim (Tunceli) and Eastern Turkey where approximately 10,500 mines are still set in land. Turkey has agreed the Ottawa Agreement to clear the mines by March 1, 2014 but had only cleaned a small portion of it. The un-cleared mines still pose a danger for children. The project will implement a training program to teach children what they need to do when they find a mine or other war debris.
    Organization name: Architecture for All 
    Project name: Dormant Village School Buildings Project

    The Association, Architecture for All, has been formed with a group of volunteer architecture professionals and students. The project works in small villages and aims to re-evaluate dormant school buildings with locals and design projects to re-implement them into educational facilities of different capacities. The projects are designed with local participation observing local architecture techniques and implemented with local in-kind and monetary donations. 
    Organization name: Mus Women’s Association, Women’s TeaHouse Project
    Project name: Mus is a city located in Eastern Turkey and has a male dominant culture.

    The Association has created a project recognizing the need for women to have a place to gather and be comfortable. The women’s teahouse project will provide this space which will also enable women to see their handicrafts and attend education seminars, film screenings and book discussions. 
    Organization name: Blackbox Association
    Project name: Memory Walk Project

    Blackbox Association is a new establishment but has been formed by young professionals who has extensive education in civil society and youth. The project will have youth volunteers who will work with academics, historians and journalists to document information about places in Istanbul that witnessed human rights abuses. Following the research they will create a walking tour and invite their peers and anyone who is interested. The aim of the project is to both help young people develop critical thinking and to also ensure that these locations and events can be remembered and questioned. 

  • Second Phase of The Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey Project

    Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey project continues its second phase with financial support of C. S. Mott Foundation and Aydın Doğan Foundation. The first giving circle event is planned in April in collaboration with the Funding Network. TUSEV is also collaborating with Bolder Giving, Catalyst, Bulgarian Donors’ Forum and ARC to form a regional web site and collection of inspiring donor stories from Turkey and the Balkans. As part of its mission to strengthen individual philanthropy, TUSEV will organize the establishment of a donors’ forum in Turkey where individuals can share experiences, ideas and good practices, hear from experts in the field and their peers in other countries. In the second phase foundations will have the opportunity to receive strategic planning support for their grant programs, and companies will share experiences with their peers to improve corporate social responsibility programs. TUSEV is also planning capacity enhancing programs for the professionals in the philanthropy field.

  • Philanthropy Consulting Service

    TUSEV has recently started offering philanthropy advice to individuals and families in partnership with Yapi Kredi Private Banking for the first time in Turkey. The goal of this service is to assist the donors to find the cause that they are most enthusiastic about and apply the most suitable philanthropic strategy to maximize the effect of their giving.
    According to research, majority of donors recognize the need for expert advice on philanthropy. It has become a common practice for individuals, who just enter the world of philanthropy and want to create their philanthropy strategy, to seek consulting service from organizations that are experts on civil society and philanthropy. Yet, the majority of wealth managers feel they are not adequately trained to discuss philanthropy. Based on its expertise in social investment, connections with various CSOs and international platform and knowledge of the nonprofit sector  in Turkey; TUSEV informs families and individuals who want to invest their resources strategically and sustainably for the benefit of society and helps them reach informed decisions on their philanthropic ambitions in private advisory sessions.  .

  • Handbook Series:

    The handbook series target three types of audience: companies, individuals and foundations. Each publication has the peculiarities of a guide and research report at the same time. The main aim can be explained in two aspects; first is to inspire donors to give more strategically though real life stories and good practice, and second is to inform new donors in defining a giving strategy and building most convenient philanthropic giving mechanisms complies with that strategy. In this series, we explain different giving options for individuals, foundations, and corporate donors along with a focus on procedures to go through, issues to consider, practical advice, advantages and disadvantages of each method. "A guide to individual giving" highlights innovative giving tools and strategies and dedicates space to success stories in philanthropy providing inspiring, real-life examples of individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others. "A guide to corporate giving" illustrates a variety of philanthropic approaches from participating companies. "A guide to foundation grants" compiles information from grant making foundations that can inform other foundations starting grant making programs or seeking to implement best practices. A guide to "Tax Policy and Charitable Giving" inform donors about the fiscal consequences of charitable giving.

  • Consultation Meeting and Strategic Planning Workshop:

    TÜSEV has organized a Community Foundation Model in Turkey Workshop on December 6, 2012 with high participation from civil society and private sector organizations. The aim of the workshop was to explore the ways in which community philanthropy in Turkey could be stimulated and developed in partnership with diverse stakeholders under the Philanthropy Infrastructure Development Project. The key note speakers were Barry Knight (Executive Director of Centris), Nahit Bingöl (Prime Ministry Strategic Development Director), and Şerafettin Erbayram (President of Bolu Community Foundation.)The following day Barry worked with TUSEV staff and representatives from the project advisory committee and TUSEV’s board of directors to elaborate the strategy for community philanthropy development in Turkey.