Community Foundations

  • Study visit to Community Foundations in Poland

    TUSEV attended the site visit to the community foundations in Poland on July 16-20, as a part of Mott Foundation’s learning, networking, and research initiative to support the community foundation (CF) field development in Central and Eastern and Russia CEE/Russia. The purpose of this initiative is to link up the existing CF initiatives and promising developments by providing a platform for reflection, discussion, research, and communication on a wide range of CF-related issues.  
    The initiative brings together CF experts and practitioners from various countries in the region to exchange experiences and develop further the existing knowledge and understanding of the CF field.  Also, Mott staff and other donors active in CEE/Russia take part in the initiative to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the needs and opportunities in the CF filed in this region. The activities included group site-visits to six local CFs, reflection and discussions on the immediate observations and some follow-up discussions and research papers.
    The participants visited CFs in Bilgoraj, Lezajsk, Tomaszow Lubelski, Tczew, Nidzica and Sokolka. They also met with large and diverse representation of the people involved in their CFs – Board members, staff, partners and collaborators.  The site visits were followed by a plenary reflection session. The attached document written by Vera Dakova with additional comments of Boris Strečanský, Monika Pisankaneva and Maciej Mulawa summarizes the reflections and learnings presented at that session.

  • Community Foundation Model Support Program

    TUSEV has initiated a support program for future community foundations. Under the support program, the local groups who are organized around the idea of exploring the model and likely to establish a community foundation in their prospective cities are offered technical assistance in developing an organizational strategy, creating a fund development plan, designing a communication strategy, establishing governance structures, managing legal, fiscal and administrative processes, and setting up a grant making mechanism.

  • Turkey's First Community Foundation "Bolu Community Foundation" Established

    Turkey's first community foundation, Bolu Community Foundation (BCF), was established in Bolu (a town of approximately 85.000 inhabitants, about 250 km from Istanbul) and presents an important milestone in Turkey's third sector. The Bolu Community Foundation (BCF) aims to promote the well-being of Bolu by supporting critical projects put forth by non profit organizations which address the critical social and economic development of the community. Turkey’s first community foundation, BCF, was established by a gorup of local business and civil society leaders with the technical support of TUSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey) as part of its new program area on promoting philanthropy and social investment in Turkey.

  • 2010 Global Status Report on Community Foundations

    The 2010 edition of the Global Status Report (GSR 2010) on Community Foundations highlights the growth and development of community foundations worldwide. The report uses a survey of support organizations and community foundations, while adding more questions about the substance of the work that community foundations are involved in. 27 country reports were used as the basis for the analysis of five main themes of the Global Status Report (2010): facts and figures, connections and support, changing external environment, encouraging giving, and achievements in the community. Please visit for more information including topline findings in the executive summary, trend highlights and data analysis, country reports and local stories. 03/01/2011

  • Turkish Philanthropic Fund (TPF)

    The Turkish Philanthropic Fund is a pioneering, flexible vehicle that channels US donors’ philanthropic interests to community needs in Turkey. TPF aspires to promote and facilitate a culture of philanthropy among Turkish-Americans. Through creating opportunities that empower people, TPF strives to have lasting effect for future generations. More information is available here...