TÜSEV Atölye

About TÜSEV Atölye

TUSEV works to strengthen the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the civil society in Turkey. As part of these efforts, TUSEV recently launched a new platform called TÜSEV Atölye to share its knowledge and experience of 23 years, through periodically published Info Notes.

The purpose of TÜSEV Atölye is to offer a comprehensive analysis of civil society in Turkey with reference to legal and fiscal environment as well as providing comparisons to the international standards on freedom of association and freedom of assembly, and civil society-public sector cooperation. Each Info Note will focus on a different topic and analyze the state of civil society in Turkey within the legal and fiscal framework. Furthermore, the Info Notes will provide examples from the international arena to offer a comparison about the situation in different countries.

TÜSEV Atölye was launched to raise awareness of the civil society organizations, public institutions, universities, funding institutions, media and all other related stakeholders on the state of civil society in Turkey and to contribute to the discussions on issues related to enabling environment.

For more information follow us on @tusev @stkizleme and facebook.com/tusevtr.