Civil Society Monitoring Project

About the Civil Society Monitoring Project

First published in 2011, the Civil Society Monitoring Report aims to observe the current year’s developments in the area of civil society, comparing strengths and the impact with the previous year’s findings. The Civil Society Monitoring Project takes into account Turkey’s  state of civil society under the headlines of Legislative Framework, International Relations, Institutional Capacity and Research, along with the analysis and recommendations provided by  TUSEV based on its 20 years of experience in these programme areas. Additionally, the Monitoring Project is the only monitoring report of its kind published in Turkey, focusing on the area of civil society. Therefore, the report is an important resource for the project’s target groups which are CSOs, public institutions, donor organizations, universities, research institutions, the media, the private sector and international civil society networks. Alongside a desktop research which takes a year, the reports are prepared based on analyses of case studies, and in the light of interviews conducted with representatives of CSOs, donor organizations and the public sector. The findings of the research play an important role in defining the framework of TUSEV’s advocacy efforts during the year.