Events That We Participated

  • European Foundation Center General Assembly Conference, 5-8 June 2012, Ireland

    The theme of the European Foundation Center General Assembly Conference was Peace and Social Justice and The Role of Foundations. More than 500 foundation representatives joined the conference and it took place in Belfast, North Ireland in 5-8 June 2012.

  • 10th CIVICUS General Assembly Meeting, 10-12 September 2011, Montreal

    CIVICUS, which is an international assemblage formed by civil society, donators, civil representatives and business World, organized 10th World Congress with the theme of “Civil Society and Global Decision Making: Doing It Better in September 2011 in Montreal. Workshops about effective development, civil society and democratic space were held during the meeting. TÜSEV presented its report “Membership to National Foundation Network” which was prepared with the support of AGNA membership work group. 

  • “Forum for the Future of Democracy”, 19-21 October 2010, Armenia

    Forum for the Future of Democracy which brings together all the partners of European Council was held in October 2010 in Yerevan, Armenia. The forum that was organized for the sixth time, set down its sub-theme as “Perspectives in 2020-The Future of Democracy in Europe”. During the forum, more than 300 representatives of civil society, government, local authorities came together and had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their work.

  • The Forum of Blacksea Region NGO, 21-23 October 2010, Romania

    The forum was held for the third time and brought the civil society representatives from Blacksea Region together and it took place in Romania in October 2010. Main theme of the forum was “Investing in Our Mutual Future” and sub-themes like democracy and citizen participation, sustainable economic development, international donator foundations, social media and youth politics were examined during the forum. In addition, NGO Fair and field trips to local NGOs were organized.

  • Study Visit to the Community Foundations in Poland

    TUSEV attended the site visit to the community foundations in Poland on July 16-20 2012, as a part of Mott Foundation’s learning, networking, and research initiative to support the community foundation (CF) field development in Central and Eastern and Russia CEE/Russia. The purpose of this initiative is to link up the existing CF initiatives and promising developments by providing a platform for reflection, discussion, research, and communication on a wide range of CF-related issues.