Fiscal/Tax/Public Benefit

  • Seminar Series of TUSEV on Legal and Fiscal Legislation

    TUSEV organized a seminar series to inform its members about the latest developments on legislation. The first seminar targeting solely foundations focused on legislation regulating foundations. During the seminar the legal framework of the establishment, governance, management bodies, international activities, audit and tax exemptions of foundations were presented and common problems were identified. The second seminar on fiscal legislation of foundations and associations concentrated on the fiscal problems of civil society organisations having not-for-profit economic entities. Recommendations of TUSEV’s Tax and Public Benefit Report Regarding Foundations and Associations were presented and feedback is received from members. The seminars gave the attendees the opportunity to find answers to their questions and to exchange ideas with each other. Similar seminars of TUSEV will take place during 2011 to reach a wider audience. 04/04/2011

  • An Analysis of the Public Benefit Status in Europe by ICNL

    The article “A Comparative Overview of Public Benefit Status in Europe” elaborates on the different practices concerning public benefit status in Europe. The article discusses the remarkable differences between the regulation of the Public Benefit Status in England and Wales (common law countries) and Central and Eastern European countries and emphasizes that local factors should not be overlooked since they greatly influence the implementation of the regulation. The article is available at

  • Comparative Reports Project-Report on Public Benefit
    Comparative report on public benefit...
  • Fundraising Legislation for Associations and Foundations