Turkish Department of Associations visits UK Charity Commission

TUSEV sponsored a study trip to England with the organizational assistance of ICNL for the Department Head and Manager, to visit two government departments involved directly with NGO administration (Home Office Active Communities Directorate, Charity Commission of England and Wales) and two key NGOs which promote the third sector (National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), Charities Aid Foundation).  The objective was to learn about NGO-government relations and best practices in legislation and regulations.


Over two and a half days, the Turkish delegation (TUSEV representative, Department of Associations Head and Manager) had 17 meetings with representatives from organizations mentioned above. Although there were several different topics discussed, a few key themes emerged which were identified to have a direct immediate implications for Turkey, such as:


Ø        The Concept of Public Benefit

Ø        A Framework for Cooperation: The COMPACT Agreement

Ø        External and Internal Consultation on Government Policy toward the Third Sector

Ø        Principles of Regulation: Balancing Enforcement with Support and Enablement

Ø        Organizational Capacity: Human Resources and Technology



For more information, please see the attached report.