New TUSEV Publication: Barriers to Freedom of Association of Associations in Turkey

Freedom of association is one of the most important issues of civil society. Recently completed, the European Union’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) funded and supported Preparation of Methodology for the Monitoring of Freedom of Association in Turkey Project, studies the limitations to freedom of association created by deficiencies in the law, in the application of the law, and by any other factors. The project was implemented by the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) in cooperation with the Civil Society Development Center Association (STGM).
In the scope of the Project, a comprehensive report entitled “Barriers to Freedom of Association of Associations in Turkey” has been drafted in order to identify the barriers to freedom of association. The report is made up of two parts: the first contains the study titled The Evaluation of the Associations Law through the Perspective of Freedom of Association. The second, titled Monitoring Assessment Report contains the findings of the pilot monitoring mechanism created and implemented after a series of national and regional workshops involving civil society representatives and experts in the field. The report also contains the results from the surveys that were distributed to various associations around the country. Additionally, the study goes onto to give key recommendations that would improve the current situation and mend existing problems with the laws and legislation concerning civil society.
To download the English executive summary please click here.