Comparative Reports Project-Report on Associations Law

TUSEV’s Comparative Reports Project was an initiative of our NGO Law Reform Programme carried out jointly with our partners ICNL (International Center for Not for Profit Law ) and local subject matter experts. The desired impact of this project was to develop a succinct set of reports listing issues which merit reform, to inform key decision makers with comparative perspectives and international best practice.

There were three separate comparative reports developed under this initiative: Associations Law Comparative Report, Foundations Law Comparative Report and Public Benefit Law Comparative Report. The selection of the issues to be examined in each report were based on experiential inputs from NGOs (TÜSEV receives at least 10 calls weekly from NGOs facing several legal and fiscal problems), comments from other NGOs, and analysis of legislation/regulations. Some of the topics covered in the reports are:

• Cumbersome regulations and excessive interference of State in internal affairs of NGOs;
• Prior authorization requirements to engage with international organizations;
• Limitations on freedom of association;
• Weaknesses in public benefit definitions and application of this status.

The reports were developed in Turkish and English, and disseminated to the general public as well as key decision makers, and parliament commissions. These reports resulted in siginificant positive reforms to both the associations and foundations law to date.

tusev association law report 2004.pdf