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  • Our Programmes

    Our Programmes    
    •    Civil Society Law Reform
    •    Social Investment
    •    International Relations and Networking
    •    Research and Publications

    Civil Society Law Reform: Enabling Civil Society
    This program has been TUSEV’s core competency since its establishment in 1993. Over the years, the program has expanded significantly in line with the increased mandate for this focus in the sector. The key objective is to promote an enabling environment for CSOs in Turkey by:
    Acting as the key source of information and updates on legal and fiscal issues for the Turkish third sector,
    Promoting mechanisms to increase CSOs participation in the policy making process and CSO-government cooperation,
    Conducting independent policy analysis and advocating for reform,
    Analyzing and monitoring of reform implementation,
    Supporting implementation/capacity building for CSOs and governments in adapting to new legislation and processes.

    Comparative Reports Project: Consultative input to draft laws concerning associations and foundations,
    Articles, reports and other publications in Turkish and in English on subjects related to associations and foundations law, tax law, public benefit status and government cooperation frameworks,
    Expert report on Legal Implications for the Cooperation between Public Sector and Civil Society Organizations,
    Global Forum on Civil Society Law, November 2005 (Co-hosted with International Center for Not for Profit Law- ICNL),
    Awareness building visit for General Directorate of Foundations representatives with European Foundations,
    Study visit for Department of Associations representatives to England’s key CSOs, umbrella organizations and Charity Commission,
    CSO Tax Reform and Accounting Standards Project: Profound and comparative analysis of the fiscal situation for CSOs in Turkey and policy recommendations,
    One-to-one technical support for CSOs and training on laws, regulations and their implementation.

    Social Investment: Promoting Strategic and Effective Giving
    Increasing the effectiveness and flow of resources to the third sector is essential to creating vibrant and successful civil society organizations. Donations and grants are also vital to enchaining of civic participation and cooperation. As such, TUSEV seeks to:

    Inform stakeholders (existing and potential donors) about strategic and effective practices,
    Help create a more enabling infrastructure for social investment and philanthropy in Turkey,
    Introduce and support the establishment of new mechanisms that enable the flow of resources to CSOs, such as community foundations,
    Advise new donors and foundations on creating effective giving strategies.

    Social Investment Projects
    To achieve its aims under the Social Investment Program, TUSEV has been running two projects, the Social Entrepreneurship Project and the Philanthropy Infrastructure Development Project.

    TUSEV has been working a Social Entrepreneurship Project along with the British Council since 2009. For the last 3 years, TUSEV has produced “ Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey: A Needs Analysis Report”, establihsed www.sosyalgirisim.org, written policy papers on public and private support for social entrepreneurs, and organized the first regional conference on social entrepreneurship. This year, TUSEV organized thematic seminar on a variety of topics (including social impact assessment) which attracted attendees from different sectors, met with media outlets, and continued to produce social entrepreneurship e-newsletter.
    In December 2011, TUSEV launched a project on development of philanthropy infrastructure in Turkey with a co-funding from C.S Mott Foundation and Turkish Philanthropy Funds. The aim of the project is to encourage organized philanthropy and culture of giving for social good and to support the infrastructure for philanthropy in Turkey. As TUSEV is working towards enhancing the culture of strategic philanthropy on a national level, it is also working towards implementing the community foundation model in different cities on a local level.

    Advocating for a better legal and fiscal environment for social investment, philanthrospy and community foundations,
    Information sharing through the Social Investment Newsletter and web page,
    Community Foundation Model and Turkey Conference, October 2006: convening international experts, public, private and third sector representatives,
    Acting as a support center for community foundations in Turkey,
    Guide for Newly Established Community Foundations in Turkey: a handbook for founders of community foundations, on organizational and strategy development in fundraising, grantmaking, governance structure, convening and other functions,
    Promoting the social entrepreneurship model in Turkey by organizing seminars, distributing e-bulletins, conducting advocacy work, and producing “Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey: Needs Analysis Report”,
    Environmental scans and feasibility studies prepared for international and national donors to guide their future grant programs in Turkey.
    International Relations and Networking: Fostering Linkages
    Establishing international partnerships for our programs brings knowledge and experience of leaders in the sector and guides the application of new concepts and practices in Turkey, adding value to our program areas. TUSEV, through its International Relations and Networking seeks to:
    Create common platforms to exchange best practices and ideas,
    Facilitate cooperation between Turkish civil society organizations, their international counterparts and donors.

    International Partners:
    •    European Foundation Centre (EFC)
    •    World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS)
    •    Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS)
    •    International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
    •    International Center for Not for Profit Law (ICNL)
    •    European Center for Not for Profit Law (ECNL)
    •    Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)
    •    European Network of National Associations (ENNA)

    1994 First National Conference
    1996 United Nations Habitat II Foundations Forum
    1998 Second National Conference – Towards a Healthier Democracy and Civil Society
    2000 Third National Conference – Turkish Associations and Foundations in the European Union Accession Process
    2002 Civil Society in Turkey: Between Old and New Conference (held jointly with Johns Hopkins University)
    2003 EFC Trans-Mediterranean Civil Society Dialogue Meeting on Women and Education (held jointly with Van Leer Foundation and EFC)
    2003 14th NGO Symposium: EU Accession and NGOs (co-sponsor)
    2004 Corporate Community Investment (in cooperation with Corporate Volunteer Council)
    2004 Philanthropy in Muslim Societies International Conference (in cooperation with Ford Foundation)
    2005 Civil Society Index Project: National Forum on Civil Society in Turkey
    2006 Community Foundation Model and Turkey Conference (with Tashman Fund, CAF and WINGS)
    2008 19th European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly and Conference (Chair and Secretariat of Host Committee)
    2010 ISTR 2010 Conference
    2011 Civil Society Index Project
    2012 International Social Entrepreneurship Conference
    2013 Civil Society – Public Sector Cooperation International Conference
    2013 WINGS Board of Directors Meeting and Panel on Emerging PhilanthropiesTUSEV has been selected to co-host WINGS Forum 2014

    Research and Publications: Assessing and Understanding the Sector
    Research on the third sector in Turkey is vital to raising awareness about the sector; assessing strengths and challenges; and galvanizing action to strengthen capacity and civil society organizations’ role in society. As such, TÜSEV’s aims to:
    Undertake critical research initiatives on issues regarding the third sector,
    Generate useful data and reports that will help to inform practitioners and promote dialogue among all stakeholders.